In Love

In Love

It’s nearly 2:00 am and all I hear is the still sound of my heart beating. Every breath is like a promise to fulfill a purpose. But sometimes, I feel anything but understanding the plans that You have for me.

There are times I’m scared to leave the confines of my walls and venture to the wonderful things prepared by Your very hands. But You enrich my life with people, lessons, love and so much grace. You are gently leading me to where I really belong.

Dear Lord, I love You. I am learning, day by day, to love all the ways You have made me, me. Your mercy and forgiveness pours to every cracks and brokenness in my soul. You wipe my tears away and remind me that I will always have You to turn to.

I hope to honor You and walk in Your ways all the days of my life. Let my mistakes be forgiven in Your name. Please use my imperfections as a beacon of hope and Your true love. Use me for Your purpose. Strengthen me in faith forever.

I love You, Dear Father. There’s nothing like being  in Love. And I know, more than anything, that I am eternally in Your love.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.” (Jeremiah 31:3)

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2 thoughts on “In Love

  1. Your love is unquestionable, and remember how every Father wants mostly to see his child happy and joyful. Love yourself just as much , as everyone who knows you, loves you ❤️


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