One thing I promised myself to do this year is spend more energy on gratitude, on thinking about the things that God has blessed me with, thinking about His mercy and grace in my life and celebrate my small victories.

Today I am grateful that I woke up and had breakfast with my family. Thanks be to God for the life of my parents, my grandparents and all the people that I love.

This week felt like two weeks – work wise, the pressure has been giving me anxiety but I’m thankful that the Lord also lavished me twice His grace. I’m thankful for having strength, space, peace and a bit of time to still do the things that I love (reading and writing).

I’m thankful for the window beside my bed where I can gaze at the night sky. I thank God for music, for words, for green tea, for the sun and raindrops. I’m thankful for books, for pillows and fresh blankets. I’m thankful for having planners (I have three! It’s more than I need but they’re all gifts.) to outline my day. It keeps me sane and organized.

I’m thankful for my breath for it reminds me that I may be a dot in the universe but I have a purpose. Just as you have.

Sparks and Poetry


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