I Miss You

I Miss You

You’ve always been the safe embrace I run towards when life poses too many questions and uncertainties. You’ve always been my anchor.

Will I hear Your voice again in the quiet night of January when my heart is loud with lies of all that can’t be?

You’ve always been my lamp, casting warmth and soft light upon the cold shadows in my mind.

I miss You.

I can’t seem to come back to You, completely. I want to come back and stay where You are. I want to follow wherever You may lead.

But, look at me. Look at my heart. See what it has become. There are grimes of selfishness and pride; there are confusion and resentment.

Will You take it back? It was Yours from the start. Wash it with Your mercy and it will be brand-new. Take it, Lord. And sow in me a new heart – gentle, pure and forgiving.

Take me back. I love you. I miss You.


My arms are open wide, waiting to embrace you when the world feels too much.

Hear Me as I whisper my promises in the sweet air of January, above the noise in your heart. Trust me in all that is yet to be.

I will always be your lamp, conquering all the darkness in your mind. I will always be your anchor, unwavering through any storms.

I miss you.

Come back to me. You are never too far. I will seek for you, My lamb, so you can stay in My light. I will lead you to a place of eternity.

I’ve seen you at your worst. I know the selfishness and pride, the confusion and resentment that you feel. But trust Me; your heart is more than that. You are more than your mistakes. You are Mine.

Give Me your heart and I will make it new. I will wash your sins with my blood and I will never run out of mercy for you. You are gentle, pure and forgiving.

I will take you back. I love you more than you can understand. I miss You.


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2 thoughts on “I Miss You

  1. And you know it’s all true, heaven isn’t complete without you. You must come home, no reason is ever unforgivable, and your place in the Kingdom is always secured ! I love this for so many reasons, and so many feelings ❤️

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