Begin Again

Begin Again

I basked under the dancing lights of the night sky, dreaming of the quiet unfolding of the next pages of life.

What can happen in a week, a month, a year? Everything can change in a snap, still I’ll hold on to my faith, love as much as I could and I will be content for today. Tomorrow? If God grants me another breath, I’ll seize my joy and love again. For as much as there is despair of life, there is also love of life (Camus).

This year, I hope to move forward to everything that God has put in my heart. Listen more intently and continue seeking His will.  I want to write more, read more. Love and create for His glory. Fail, if I must.

I won’t be afraid to fall in love with being alive, with everything that touches my soul. I won’t be afraid of vulnerability, of heartaches. I will feel the rush of my morning green tea. I will stop to see the colors around me.

I will let myself grow in unexpected dents and cracks, like wildflowers. I will live life like how it’s meant to be spent – one day at a time.

I will begin again.

One of God’s most remarkable blessings is that in Him we can always begin again. Turn away from the ruins and build again. Stand up on the relics of our past, over our failures and over our sins. We can dust ourselves off and soar to new heights.

We can begin again. Love again. Always.

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