Promise Me You’ll Welcome Sadness

Promise Me You'll Welcome Sadness

Sadness is of the purest form of emotion, for unlike being happy, one cannot simply pretend to be sad. So promise me. Promise me you’ll welcome sadness.

It demands to be felt.

Promise me you won’t suppress it by downing meaningless happy pills. Promise me you will take your rose-tinted lenses off and bravely look at the reality that not everything is alright. Promise me you won’t silence your pain.

I hope you won’t forbid yourself against feeling what you truly feel. You are not weak for being sad – no. You shouldn’t be shamed for your emotions. You shouldn’t be blamed for it.

I know the world tells us to always be positive but all sunshine will parch your soul. Don’t deprive yourself of some rain.

Allow yourself to be human.

You are sad for a reason. So let those tears fall; let your heart feel. You are alive and you are living. Recognize your emotions for that is how a strong person fights. Allow yourself to break – that’s how you’ll start to mend, my love.

Promise me you’ll give the authenticity you owe to yourself. Promise me you’ll welcome sadness.

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2 thoughts on “Promise Me You’ll Welcome Sadness

  1. This is beautiful. All our losses need time to grieve, all our disappointments reflected on. That is important time. And always remember the beautiful soul you took into the reflection room with you, the one who knows life is hard sometimes, but that she is enough in herself for happiness, renewal and rebirth. And don’t ever forget about love, it waits for you outside the door 🙂


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