Sonnet 1: Battlefield

Sonnet 1: Battlefield

The theater of war between love and hate

Begun as the harp sung an elegy

For the fallen souls still gripping on faith

Their parched lips ached for that loving mercy

The stench of blood covered the battlefield

When the devil fired bombs of horrid sins

But a Hero came so no one should yield

His voice the sound of thousand violins

Sunlight flows for the shadows of the land

When Calvary saw His crucifixion

Your name was a precious scar on His hand

He laid down His life for your salvation

The battlefield, His great love has covered

The battlefield has already been conquered


One thought on “Sonnet 1: Battlefield

  1. “” Your name was a precious scar on His hand “” Yes, yes and yes… be human, it is our gift from Him. He wants with all His existence for us to be happy, for us to not have to fight every day.. peace !


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