This is How You Let Go

Letting Go


I know you’re shaking as you tried to delete those photos that held so much memories. You were trembling inside, cold and sick. You cried until you felt like collapsing. Until your heart was numb and empty.

But tonight, with pain and courage, you let go. You will close that chapter and turn over a new leaf.

Tonight you’ll look at your brokenness from a point of healing. You’ll stand up with grace. You’ll understand your mistakes. You’ll confess the sins that bound you and accept that you’re forgiven. You’ll forgive the ones who hurt you – including yourself.

You’ll revisit the joy and pain of the past without the tightness in your chest. You’ll look at the scars and faultlines on your skin and you’ll be proud of it. You’ll splay the broken pieces without wanting to fix it.

By God’s grace, you’ll rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

The battle isn’t yours anymore. Give it to God. You don’t even have to fight. Be still. He has already won this for you.

Let go. Your miracle is waiting.

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